Tips for using play to help kids learn

3 Jul
Kids love to play, and if you can keep games entertaining and fun, they can also be used as a great learning opportunity.

This article
has some great tips for teaching kids facts, whilst keeping it entertaining and fun. If you can do that, you will be amazed how quickly your little ones will learn, wihtout them even realising it!!

Dyslexics increase reading speed by an average 20%

1 Jul
I recently stumbled across this artice which describes the results of a study that showed that increasing the spacing between letters and words in text resulted in an average 20% improvement in reading speed for dyslexic children, and also increased accuracy!

It sometimes amazes me that something so simple can make such a profound difference!

It appears that there is an app available which will aid in their research, and at the same time allow you to determine your optimal letter spacing.

Hopefully this will help someone out there, but even if it doesn’t help you or your little one, please consider helping others by downloading the app and participating in the research!

Two handed strength and co-cordination

30 Jun
Painting is an activity that always generates a lot of excitement and fun in our house, as I am sure it does with most little ones! Check out this great use of a “mister” tool (sort of like a manually pumped air brush) to develop strength and co-ordination in both hands.

Just another way to get keep the fun and excitement in your strengthening and fine motor activities.

Fun play for hot days!

28 Jun
check out this post for a simple idea that would be fantastic on those hot summer days!

Ideas like this are always a great way to keep your little ones engaged and interested in joining in games that are great for their sensory and fine motor skills.

Therapy “Bag of Tricks”

27 Jun
This post has a great list of items that should appear in almost any therapist’s bag of tricks

The post is specifically aimed at speech therapy, but I thought the list applied pretty equally to therapy for fine motor activities as well as pretty much any developmental therapy for little ones.

Slime for Sensory Play

21 Jun
I still remember playing with “Slime” when I was a kid, and loved the feel of the cool, wet looking substance as it was rolled around your hand, and slipped through your fingers.

I recently stumbled across this recipe for home made slime, which would be a great way to tempt kids into your fine motor activities.

Pulling and stretching the “slime” substance is a great strengthening exercise for little hands, and the unusual texture and elasticity of the substance is also excellent for their sensory awareness.

Pool Noodles for fine motor activities

12 Jun
check out this article for a simple, cheap idea using pool noodles and a ball that will assist in a number of areas of your little one’s development. I love the innovative thinking that can turn common products into fantastic learning tools for fine motor activities!