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Gross motor activities

30 Jul
I have found that getting my little ones to get their large muscle groups working is also helpful in helping them to focus on fine motor activities.

This post has some great, simple gross motor activities that you can do with your kids.

Remember to keep it fun, and add as many variations as you can think of to keep your kids interested and involved!


Fun Sensory activity

25 Jul
Check out this fantastic sensory activity that you can create with just a little effort at home.

The baked cotton balls sound like so much fun, and I can just imagine my little ones smashing these and crushing them with their hands.

The mixing and measuing activities involved in the preparation are also great fine motor activities – getting little fingers to work to build strength and develop co-ordination!

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19 Jul
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10 Simple, fun fine motor activities

18 Jul
A list of ten fun, simple fine motor activities for your kids.

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13 Jul
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Right or left handed? Fine motor activities to promote preferred hand

10 Jul
A great article on fine motor activities to promote the preferred hand of your little one. Includes some ideas for simple games and activities that promote a preferred hand, and methods for determining which hand is the preferred hand of your little one.

Fine motor activities with pom poms and matchsticks

5 Jul
I love this great idea that you can add to your list of fine motor activities.

Tweezers are a great activity for strengthening little fingers, and developing fine motor control and co-ordination. The addition of the brightly colour matchsticks and pom poms is a great way to make it exciting and fun for the kids – and couldn’t be simpler to set up!